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Translated by Maria Bech
Published in English: 2019
Length: approx. 36,500 words

Love Is All There Is, 2019

In the spiritual and philosophical novel Love Is All There Is, we follow Beate, a young Danish woman. With compassion for her fellow human beings combined with an aversion to the pain they cause in this world, Beate searches for freedom and unity with the dimension of peace, love and light for which she yearns.
At the same time, she lives a life of work, travel, friends and lovers and frequent sessions with her wise therapist, Esther.

“The novel is a wide collection of impressions, existential deliberations and subtle examinations of the fine details of the everyday and life as a whole. It is well written and intelligent with finely carved prose. Buddhism plays a key role in the novel without it becoming a lecture on the practice. It aims only to relate to spiritual progress, personal development and awareness. Louise Lundberg Claesen has added a fine little novel about gaining awareness in life and finding a sense of belonging to her body of work.”
– Sanne Craft, reviewer, Danish Library Center

“The prose of Louise Lundberg Claesen seizes something pivotal. Her portrayal of places and perception is strong, and every now and then she demonstrates an enticing clarity … She particularly distinguishes herself by depicting space with a laid-back verbal vigor and confidence.”
– Søren Staal Balslev, reviewer, in the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen