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Translated by Louise Lundberg Claesen
Editor: Charmaine Berg
Published in English: 2019
Length: 49 pages

Hannah’s Song, 2019

The poems in Hannah’s Song are expressing a woman’s love for and unification with the divine. She desires the divine, and it desires her. As in the “Song of Solomon” in The Old Testament and as described by Christian mystics like St. Teresa of Ávila the woman in the poems experiences this merging with the divine as deeply erotic. Through its fire and explosions as well as its beauty and soft, delicate gentleness she is transformed. In the end she can carry forward the many roses she has been so gracefully given and share them with the world.

“Wildly beautiful collection of poems in Hannah’s Song. There is music, flesh and blood and a full blow on the senses. I haven’t read anything as good for a long time.” – Henrik Strube, Danish musician and author

“Louise Lundberg Claesen has written a wonderfully luminous and different collection of poems about spiritual search and devotion … Hannah’s Song is a sensual spiritual song borne by linguistic paradoxes, simplicity and playfulness, reaching towards nothingness – a spiritual eternity, a tangible you. So beautiful!” – Ide Hejlskov, Danish author and PhD in comparative literature