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Translated by: Jenifer Lloyd
Published in English: 2012
Length: approx. 35,000 words

Camille, 2012

Camille is a psychological novel of growth. Through a simple, poetic language, we enter a captivating erotic and feminine universe to follow the life of a young Parisian woman.
Camille is stuck on a treadmill of loneliness, with a tiresome job as a make-up artist and unfulfilled aspirations as an artist and lawyer, when she meets two very different men – the sexy businessman Sébastien and the awkward artist George – and her life becomes filled with longing and desire. But there is no escaping her past, and Camille is forced to confront the darkest secrets of her childhood …

“Louise Lundberg Claesen writes in a concise, poetic language … She has spent time in Paris, and her knowledge of the city is strongly felt in the novel … The language is quiet and effective. The ripples in the plot are minor on the surface but run deep in the lives of the characters. A well-written novel about a difficult life and problematic love.”
– Sanne Craft, reviewer, Danish Library Center

“The writing has a simple beauty to it. It paints an elegant portrait of the Parisian landscape and life, as well as rendering the more minute details of the main characters. I enjoyed the writing most of all, and was drawn into the story almost immediately because of it. The story is short … but it is quite a ride nonetheless, and a good show of artistry and skillful control of the written word.”
– Atomskeater, reviewer, Amazon